Power Point Summary

We've prepared a Power Point presentation which provides a high level description of the approach we've developed and our software system.

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Project Summaries

Summary of our Korean project.

Korean Project

Summary of our Kewa project.

Kewa Project

Summary of our Jula project.

Jula Project


Toward an Optimal Multi-lingual Natural Language Generator: Deep Source Analysis and Shallow Target Analysis - Philippine Computing Journal special issue on NLP, 2014.

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Linguist's Assistant: A Multilingual Natural Language Generator based on Linguistic Universals, Typologies, and Primitives - INLG 2012.

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Documenting Endangered Languages using Linguist's Assistant; Language Documentation and Conservation, Volume 6, 20012.

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A Natural Language Generator for Minority Languages - SALTMIL, 2006.

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An Environment for Quick Ramp-up Multilingual Authoring.

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Document Authoring the Bible for Minority Language Translation.

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