Our software is called The Bible Translator's Assistant, and you can download it here.  The installation program includes the English and Tagalog projects.  In order to use TBTA, you must download and run the installation program. 

We occasionally update the software, and you can get the latest version by downloading the latest file set (but first you must download and run the installation program).  After downloading the latest file set, if you haven't yet started working on your own language project, then you can simply copy the new files into your TBTA project directory, and they will replace the old files from the installation program.  If you have already started your own language project with TBTA, then after you download the latest file set, you need to go through an upgrade process which is described in this video.

Video: Upgrading to the Latest Version of TBTA

Download: Installation Program

Download: Latest File Set   (last updated on April 7th, 2021)

Download: Grammar Documents

The latest file set includes the source texts for Genesis, Exodus 1-20, Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1&2 Samuel, Esther, Daniel, Jonah, Nahum, Luke, 71 Bible Stories, and 3 community development articles.

If you have any issues installing or running our software, please contact us at info@alltheword.org.

Lesson 1: Introduction to The Bible Translator's Assistant

Lesson 2: The Ontology and Semantic Representations 

Lesson 3: The Target Lexicon 

Lesson 4: Spellout Rules and Phrase Structure Rules 

Lesson 5: Feature Copying Rules and Find/Replace Rules

Lesson 6: Clitic Rules and Constituent Movement Rules

Lesson 7: Word Morphophonemic Rules and Grammar Tools

Lesson 8: Pronoun and Switch Reference Rules

Lesson 9: Complex Concept Insertion Rules and Feature Adjustment Rules

Lesson 10: Styles of Direct Speech Rules and Tense/Aspect/Mood Rules

Lesson 11: Relative Clause Rules and Collocation Correction Rules

Lesson 12: Genitival Noun-Noun Relationships and Theta Grid Adjustment Rules

Lesson 13: Structural Adjustment Rules

Lesson 14: Beginning a New Language Project

Tutorials - for analysts

Section 1: Introduction to TBTA's Semantic Representations

Overview of TBTA's Semantic Representation Video Series

Introduction to TBTA's Semantic Representations

A Simple Example demonstrating the TBTA Analyzer

Resources for Building TBTA Semantic Representations

Limitations on Complexity in TBTA Semantic Representations