All the Word is privileged to be working with Craig Palmer, a computational linguist and a member of Wycliffe-Canada.  He started working on the Gichuka project in early 2022.  Gichuka is a Bantu language spoken in central Kenya by about 150,000 people. The Chuka people live at the base of Mount Kenya in the town of Chuka and in the surrounding areas. They are primarily agriculturalists, growing mostly coffee and tea, and are also known for their dramatic dances that are sometimes acrobatic. The New Testament has already been translated into Gichuka, so Craig is using TBTA to help with the Old Testament. Craig meets online with Anthony Muthomi, a mother-tongue speaker of Gichuka, two or three times each week, and together they're developing a lexicon and grammar for Gichuka.  They're hoping to translate the entire Old Testament using TBTA. So far they've translated the book of Ruth and 4 chapters of Genesis. Ruth was community checked in late 2022, and the Gichuka speakers were very pleased with the draft that TBTA produced. Craig Palmer and David Duncan visited Kenya in February 2023 and received very positive feedback from the leaders of the Bible Translation and Literacy organization (BTL-Kenya, You can see a testimonial video from Jacob Njagi, one of the leaders and pictured on the far left.

Pictured below from left to right: Jacob Njagi, Anthony Muthomi, Craig Palmer, David Duncan, and Onesmus Kamwara

Craig and David and Gichuka team
Map of Kenya with Chuka highlighted