PNG - Morobe Province Language Map updated

Papua New Guinea is an island nation located just north of Australia.  It has the distinction of being the most linguistically diverse country in the world - 839 languages are spoken there even though its land mass is only slightly larger than California's.  For centuries the people of Papua New Guinea were headhunters and cannibals, but that ended in the mid 20th century when the Australian government sent in soldiers who commanded the people to stop those customs.  Roughly half of the languages spoken in Papua New Guinea either have the New Testament or a New Testament is in progress.  All the Word has the privilege of working with Steve McEvoy, a missionary with Wycliffe Bible Translators.  He and his family lived in Papua New Guinea for approximately 20 years and completed the New Testament in a language called Migabac. The Migabac people desire the Old Testament, so Steve and Tod are using TBTA to produce initial draft translations of multiple Old Testament books. The map to the left, courtesy of SIL, highlights the Migabac region in Morobe province.  The pictures below show the Migabac people during their New Testament dedication ceremony.

Migabac women celebrating
Migabac Leader
Migabac village
Migabac woman with New Testament
Migabac people reading the New Testament