This is a sensitive project, so we can't reveal this people group's name or the country where they live.  One of their nicknames is "the Timber people" because they rely heavily on the plentiful bamboo in the rainforest where they live.  The Timber people of Southeast Asia are one of the largest of the indigenous people groups in the region. They live in villages located on the edges of the rainforest and also deep within the rainforest. They use bamboo for constructing their houses, making weapons for hunting, crafting musical instruments, and eating the shoots as a source of food. Until relatively recently, the Timber people were quite isolated and self-sufficient. But in recent decades they have experienced increased interaction with mainstream society, including education and literacy in the national language. This has led to a growing number of people desiring literacy and resources in their own language as well.

Timber picture 2
Timber picture 1