Our goal at All the Word is to produce accurate and easily understandable translations of the entire Bible, Bible stories, commentaries, devotional materials, and other Christian literature in a wide variety of languages.  So we've developed a software system that drastically reduces the time and cost associated with a translation project.  For each target language, our software is able to produce multiple translations of the Bible, and each translation is tailored for a specific audience within that people group.  Depending on the people group, we recommend producing translations for four audiences in each language: churched adults, unchurched adults, churched children, and unchurched children.  The translations for adults will use more complex vocabulary, and the translations for the unchurched audiences will include extra, explanatory information that makes the texts easier to understand for people who are unfamiliar with Jewish culture during biblical times.  God wants everyone to have His entire Word and understand it clearly, regardless of the language they speak or their educational background.  We at All the Word are striving to make that possible.