We at All the Word consider it a great privilege to be working with computational linguists from other Bible translation organizations around the world.  We're now working with eight very capable and committed computational linguists who live in the U.S., Canada, Russia, the Philippines, and New Zealand.  Each of them has learned how to use TBTA and is now working on a language project remotely.  They meet online regularly with missionaries and mother-tongue speakers of languages that still need the Bible, and they're developing lexicons and grammars for those languages using TBTA.  Each language that they're working on can be seen in the map below. The details of each language project are on other pages of this website under Our Ministry.

World Map for TBTA Projects - 1-13-2023

God wants everyone to have His entire Word and understand it, regardless of the language they speak.  So our mission at All The Word is to help translate the entire Bible, Bible stories, commentaries, devotional materials, and other Christian literature into all of the world's languages that still need them.  In  order to do this, we've developed a software system that significantly reduces the time and cost of a Bible translation project.