How to update the Bible for TBTA:

We're  continually analyzing more Bible books, and if you'd like to download our latest Bible and the associated ontology, you can click the button below.  If you've been working in your own language project, you'll need to go through the ontology update process so that your language project will be linked to this new ontology.  That process is described in the  video below.

Bible and Ontology Date: May 12th, 2022


The current version of our Bible includes the following books:

Genesis - ready for consultant check

Exodus 1-20 - rough draft

Joshua - consultant checked

Judges -  rough draft

Ruth - consultant checked

1 Samuel - consultant checked

2 Samuel - ready for consultant check

Nehemiah - ready for consultant check

Esther - rough draft

Daniel - consultant checked

Jonah - consultant checked

Nahum - ready for consultant check

Matthew - consultant checked

Mark - consultant checked

Luke - rough draft

Colossians - consultant checked

2 John - ready for consultant check

TBTA also includes 71 Bible stories and 3 community development articles.