October 2014

The Philippines Project: Tod Allman and his family moved to Manila on August 1st so that he could use TBTA’s software to produce initial draft translations of parts of the Bible in several languages there.  He’s currently developing a lexicon and grammar for Tagalog, the language spoken in Manila, in order to demonstrate the project to the people there.  He then plans to develop lexicons and grammars for several other languages which don’t yet have any part of the Bible.  Tod and JungAe are still seeking prayer and financial partners who are interested in this work.  Would you please consider supporting them through your prayers and finances?  They have raised 90% of their required monthly support.  They also need some one time donations to help cover the costs of moving to the Philippines.  If you’d like to support them, you can go to the Donations page of TBTA’s web site (www.TheBibleTranslatorsAssistant.org/Donations.aspx), or you can send an email to Richard.Denton@TheBibleTranslatorsAssistant.org.  All donations are tax deductible and greatly appreciated. 

Old Testament Semantic Representations: Steve Beale would appreciate your prayers as he begins a new stage of his work for TBTA. Steve recently retired from his university position to focus on TBTA. He will initially be checking his previous Old Testament semantic representations to ensure consistency and accuracy. He will also be working on methods to improve and speed up the process that a missionary/linguist goes through to enter data for a new language into TBTA to enable it to produce high quality translations. Steve will also be writing a grant proposal that would enable him to keep working over the next year. 

New Testament Semantic Representations: Richard Denton and his wife Mary have moved to New Smyrna Beach, Florida, where Richard will continue to work as a research physicist for Dartmouth College.  As his grants gradually wind down, he hopes to spend more time working on semantic representations for the New Testament.  He just completed the first draft of 2 Timothy, and is now working in Titus.

Corporate Sponsors: TBTA is currently seeking corporate sponsors who would consider supporting our semantic representation development work, and also the workshops that will be held for linguists and Bible translators in the Philippines.  So we’re looking for someone who would be willing to visit potential corporate sponsors, and talk to them about our Bible translation system.  We’d also like this person to demonstrate our software at events such as the Code for the Kingdom Hackathons (http://codeforthekingdom.org).  TBTA will pay the associated travel expenses.  This person would need to become familiar with our software, and know a bit about the Bible translation process.  If you’re experienced with marketing and would be interested in this position, please send an email to info@TheBibleTranslatorsAssistant.org.  We can’t pay a salary, but we will cover all reasonable travel expenses.


   Tod’s Family at their condo in a suburb of Manila                    Steve and Eileen Beale